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Care instructions wool products AK Wiberg

Care of accessories and garments in colored leather:

Refresh the garment by ventilating it outside, preferably when it is a little damp in the air. Then the suede tightens, the fringe and lids rise. The suede surface is easily brushed up with a soft brush or palm.


Turn the sheepskin hat inside out and ventilate outside for a few hours. Then the wool will be clean and fresh again.

Care waxed leather; re-greased after a couple of years of use or if you think it feels dry on the surface. Use uncoloured leather grease, eg "Skinfix" . Keep in mind that the garment will then darken slightly.

Care Plaid leather; For long durability, shake and air the skin often. Minor dirt in the wool can be easily washed off with lukewarm water. Ev. with a little wool shampoo or oily organic two. Do not wash unnecessarily!  The skin can be machine washed at 30 ° . Use wool shampoo or similar with a low PH value that re-greases the skin. Certainly not ordinary detergents that dry out the leather. Use a little wool shampoo in the ice rinse compartment as well. Turn as much water as possible out of the skin. Stretch and air dry. Stretch a few times during the drying time so the skin becomes smooth and retains its shape. Drying time  can vary from a couple to just over three days depending on thickness.

lady with hat and collar in naturally grey gotland pelt,  black sheepfur

Suede; The surface is hydroformalide treated against moisture. Spray with "suede and textile spray" a couple of times a year depending on how often the garment is used. It protects extra against moisture and dirt, rain or snow. Dry the garment airily at normal room temperature, dots that may remain after drying disappear when you brush the garment by hand. If you get stains on the suede surface, let it dry and then peel it off. Fat is drawn into the skin. Otherwise, grease stains are treated as soon as possible. Sprinkle with plenty of potato flour and let it soak up the grease stain for at least a couple of hours. Brush off and spray with suede spray. If you get liquid on the garment, shake the skin quickly.

About storage;

Always hang the garment on a hanger. Let it hang as airy as possible and never in direct sunlight or lighting for a long time.

There may be permanent folds if the fur is compressed for a long time. Remember not to hang a fur garment next to an element or the like.

In summer, the garment should hang in the coolest space of the home, preferably in a cloth clothing bag. Natural materials want to breathe. Red cedar products work well to keep any vermin away during storage.

Good tips for eg boa or hat; Leave it airy in a cardboard box with new newsprint in it. Printing ink may keep vermin away for a few months.

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