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Anna-Karin Wiberg designs and manufactures beautiful, durable garments and accessories in leather from the unique Gotland sheep. Sheepskins are a by-product of the sheep industry that keep our landscapes open. The garments are produced exclusively in a careful process from measuring the customer, sorting the finest skins to handcrafted tailoring. The customer receives a completely unique design garment.

The company was started in 1999 with a focus on making beautiful durable women's and men's garments in the unique gray, curly fur. Timeless garments that would both broaden the existing range and increase the quality with a refined cut and personal fit for the customer. Sales in Visby during the spring-summer semester and production in Gothenburg in the autumn-winter semester, which still exists.

The collection includes about ten women's and men's garments.

AK Wiberg also manufactures gift items such as baby slippers, sheepskin fabrics, decorative lambs, golf covers, etc. Hats, various collars and scarves are manufactured with solid craftsmanship in small series in the studio.

The store also has a large selection of comfortable, lovely pillows and decorative leather for the home.

The store in Visby on Sankta Katarinagatan 2, AK WIBERG,

current opening hours .

Studio with showroom in Gothenburg - please book your visit in advance on 0730 292766.


Warm welcome!

wishes Anna-Karin & Stefan

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