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A unique experience of Gotland shopping

A-K Wiberg offers high-quality designed garments, accessories and interior items in Gotland lambskin. 

With solid craftsmanship and the unique gray curly Gotland skins, we can offer the customer beautiful soft products, knowledge and hopefully inspire sustainable choices.

leadbutton heave wool and sheepskin

how it once began

Through friends I came to visit Gotland for a couple of summers.

I was fascinated by the beautiful varied open landscape and fell in love with the light.

Visby was a real fairytale town with a rich outdoor life in the summer.

I had long been looking for an idea for my own clothing collection and in 1999 I started my company with the brand name A-K Wiberg.

Since 2011 I run my own shop in Visby together with Stefan. I design, manufacture and sell high-quality sustainable products and garments in sheepskin from Gotland farms. 

In the shop we also offer knitwear in 100% wool, souvenirs and genuine Panama hats. We are constantly refining our store concept, where we strive to give the customer as pleasant an experience as possible.

We are in the middle of a cultural heritage and our house is from the 13th century. There is always something to tell our guests about on the island.

Warm Welcome

Anna-Karin Wiberg


Our Clients

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